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Providing users with the best automation tools and resources needed to secure every release

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100's of Supported Regions

We support countries and stores all around the world and our list of sites is always increasing!

Unlimited Tasks

Run hundreds to thousands of tasks with ease and no limits!

Discord Auto Clicker

PayAIO automatically finds, joins, claims and clicks all restock and discord links that appear within select channels so you won’t miss a thing!

Public Checkout logs

Get alerted when other users start checking out so you can also start your tasks!

Captcha Solvers

In-Bot captcha solvers make solving antibot challenges a breeze and for GeeTest challenges our AI solutions will solve it for you!


Support and guides are available 24/7 via our discord server or reach out to us via our email and or twitter!

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Users have access to both PayAIO Desktop and PayAIO Chrome at no extra charge!


Site is not supported on PayAIO Desktop? Don’t worry, our DIY module and extensive site list within PayAIO Chrome means no matter the site you can still cop!


Using a different computer? You can export and import your setup with a click of a button so you can pick up from where you left off!


How do I download after purchasing?

Downloads and future updates are made available via our discord after verifying your license key.

How can I manage my subscription?

Your subscription can be edited or cancelled at a click of a button within PayAIO Desktop, if there are any issues you can contact us via our discord or email: [email protected]

When will we restock?

We have no set restock date, so keep your eyes peeled on our Twitter.

How much is PayAIO?

Our current retail is £200 and then a monthly payment of £20 per month to keep your licence active.

What operating systems do you support?

PayAIO works on both Mac and Windows.

Do we offer groupbuys?

Yes, dependant on availability. If you are an owner of a group, feel free to contact us via our Twitter page.